"The films (INJUSTICE FOR ALL) rather potent plot will have you fully engrossed in the film from start to finish. A word of caution though, this is not for the light hearted! "

~ LoveFanFilm.com

  "(INJUSTICE FOR ALL) is a can’t miss short for all DC fans out there. Even if you rarely pick up a comic book, you should check out this cross-genre film that smartly reinterprets some classic characters."

~Steve Lam - BamSmackPow.com

  "(INJUSTICE FOR ALL) delivered an excellently-written story with superb acting."

~Jeremy Dick - 1428Elm.com

"...beautifully cast, wonderfully written homage that gives the Joker just the right combination of pure psychosis and the very darkest of dark — yet strangely whimsical — humor."

~ MovieCriticNextDoor.com

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  White Hand Films is a film creation company focused on filling the screen with thought-provoking imagination.

  White Hand Films--an homage to the White Hand of Saruman from J.R.R. Tolkein's Lord Of The Rings--is focused on creating character-driven feature length and short films in the Science Fiction and Fantasy genre.